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Ten Tips for Elite Karting League & Formula TKM Racing

Ten Tips for Elite Karting League & Formula TKM Racing

Harry Moore from Wordsley, Stourbridge started go karting when he was 16 years old after a visit to Cannon Raceway. Two years, on he’s racing in two of the UK’s most exciting karting competitions.

Having just finished a fantastic season in the Elite Karting League (EKL), Harry’s now taking on the additional challenge of Formula TKM.

When he’s not on the track, Harry is still racing crazy and spends his time watching Formula One Grand Prix events.Harry Moore in his karting gear


I love the adrenaline of a close race – Photo courtesy of Eddy Moore


I Love the Buzz of Racing

Harry’s passion for karting comes from his competitive spirit and the exhilarating feeling only racing can give you.

“I just absolutely love racing, I always watch F1 and touring cars on TV.  I love the adrenaline involved in close races. There’s very little that affects a karting race other than the battle between the people involved. There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of going into that first corner.”


TKM karter

Photo courtesy of Eddy Moore

The Elite Karting League

Harry started karting after winning a special event at Cannon Raceway, which ignited his passion for racing.

“I tried karting for the first time when I was 16 and did pretty well. Then I heard about a special event at Cannon where the prize was a month of unlimited karting for the top three finishers. I went along and managed to come third. From then on I was hooked.”

Harry needed a fresh challenge on the track and it wasn’t long before he was racing in the Elite Karting League. This is a national outdoor karting event that sees teams competing at tracks around the country on a monthly basis.

“There are nine rounds in a season, each at a different venue. The tracks we’ll be visiting this year include Whilton Mill, Clay Pigeon Raceway, Teeside, and Cumbria Kart Racing club.  At every event there are three sprint races, a dash for cash, a qualifying session and a team endurance race.

“It’s all team based, which I like because I get on really well with the other drivers. I’m in the Coseley Cougars, and we always have a fun weekend away every time there’s an event on.”

TKM Karting

After a successful season in the EKL, Harry is also taking on the challenge of Formula TKM.

“I’m doing really well in the EKL at the moment. I won a lot of races last year and finished in the top five in 90% of the races I competed in. I’m always looking to better my racing performance, so I’ve started doing TKM now as well.

“Formula TKM uses two-stroke karts, which are different from the ones I’m used to. I’ve only done a couple of rounds in them so far, but I managed a ninth place finish on my first attempt, which is a good start.

“It’s a different game in TKM because some racers are investing a lot of money. There are a lot of good drivers too so it can be quite hard, but I’m hoping to do well,” he says.

Harry Moore karting in TKM

Harry on the track – Photo Courtesy of Eddy Moore

Top Karting Tips for Racing in the TKM and EKL

If you’re interested in racing in the Elite Karting League or Formula TKM, check out Harry’s top ten tips for success on the track.

1.    Practice Makes Perfect

“Practising in your free time can be expensive when added to the cost of competing in the events themselves, but you need to make the most of any time you get on the track.

“At TKM there’s a whole day of practice and with EKL you get about 15 minutes, which is still plenty of time to get to know the track.”

2.    Watch the Professionals

“The best way to learn is by watching what other people are doing. I watch F1 and footage of older races all the time because it inspires me to reach that level of competition, but you can also pick up tips by watching what the drivers are doing.”

3.    Confidence Gears You Up

“Confidence is an important part of racing. My proudest karting moment was my first win, where I started in 11th place and managed to finish fastest. From there I grew in confidence and the results just got better and better.”

4.    Start Karting Early

“Getting into karting as early as possible is helpful because all that experience builds up and gives you an edge over someone who is new to the sport. Indoor karting tracks are a great place for youngsters to learn the basics.

“I wasn’t particularly young when I started, but I was lucky because I got to race with a lot of really good, quick people straight away, which helped me get better.”

5.    Use Caution on Corners

“When you approach a busy corner it’s about knowing about when to defend and when not to. If everyone’s going defensive on a corner, I sometimes try to run my kart around the outside to catch them out.”

Karting in the EKL

Learn when to be cautious on corners – Photo courtesy of Andrew Fellows

6.    Learn from Others

“You need to keep trying different things when practising to figure out what works best. There’s no point doing the same thing over and over again if other people are overtaking you.

“I wasn’t the fastest to start off with, so as soon as someone went ahead of me I just followed them and copied exactly what they did. Watching other people is a really good way to learn.

“When I started karting, I asked people who were quicker than me for advice and I watched them carefully so I could improve my own performance.”

7.    Look for Space in Qualifying Laps

“Qualifying laps in TKM and the EKL are quite difficult. You need to make sure you have a lot of free track space in front of you, so you won’t get caught up in traffic. It’s different for every course, but you need to make sure you’ve got room to really push it and get a good lap time.”

8.    Pace Yourself for Endurance Races

“In a perfect world you should drive as fast as you can for the whole race, but that isn’t usually realistic. Sometimes I try to do that, but it’s hard to keep it up for long periods. The best advice is to run the race at your own pace and make sure you don’t wear yourself out in the long run.”

9.    The Start is Crucial

“The start of any race is crucial and it’s all about reactions. As soon as you see the lights flash or the flag drop, you need to be on it straight away. The better start you get, the more chance you’ll have of being in a good position for the first corner.

“Sometimes I come up with a plan, but that depends on my position on the grid. If I start lower down in the pack, I just put my kart in a position that will give me the most out of the first corner.”

10.  Get the First Corner Right

“It’s rare that you get much space on the first corner, but if you do, always try to take your normal line. This will mean the people behind are defending and give you the chance to gain a couple of kart lengths right at the start of the race.”

Cannon Raceway is the perfect place to practise your karting skills. Book your visit to our exciting indoor track today.

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