Brand New for 2023

Biz Evo 3 Cadet Karts

In October 2022 we reached out to Biz Karts, curious to see what their latest generation of Junior Karts had to offer. We renew our adult karts every 18-24 months but our Junior fleet had served us well since 2012. A demo kart hit our circuit the following week and blew us away! Every aspect of the kart had been redeveloped and improved to truly make it a mini version of our awesome NG1 Adult Karts.

We promptly ordered 10 custom spec karts and waited patiently while Biz Karts sent us a steady stream of teasers during their build process.

160cc Honda engines sending power through a wet clutch reduction gearbox, belt driven to the rear wheels making them perfect for our Junior drivers.

April 2023, perfectly timed for the Easter holiday we took delivery. Wrapped in gloss black and electric yellow – Welcome………. The WaspsΒ 😂



Party, Party, PartyΒ 

Junior Party Rooms refurb
From 2007 to 2017, 1 party room was available for birthday celebrations. Weekends were fully booked, with party’s booking months in advance. A second party room was built for 2018 to offer more party availability. Problem solved right? Wrong! Party Packages were still impossible to book. In 2020 we converted our balcony lounge into a third party room. Our VIP party packages still continued to grow from strength to strength. February 2023 we added a 4th Party room and extensively refurbished our party rooms to create, in our opinion, some of the best exclusive private party rooms you will find anywhere in the country! take a peak for yourself –