Coronavirus update


In line with current Government and WHO advice, we re-opened on Saturday 4th July at 9am for advance bookings only.

On Friday 20th March our doors were closed following the Prime Ministers announcement for all non-essential business to suspend operation.

We have spent the months since ensuring that every precaution required is taken to re-open as a Covid Secure Venue for our staff, customers and their guests.

Whilst our venue may look and feel a little different from what you remember, the experiences we offer remain unchanged and continue to be as exhilarating as ever!

To ensure a covid secure status is maintained the steps currently implemented throughout are venue include:


Well to work checks + PPE 
All staff are temperature checked on arrival for each shift and provided face masks and gloves. We ask that any customers that feel unwell stay at home. We continue to insist that customers purchase brand new gloves and balaclavas on arrival as no shared PPE equipment is available to use (gloves and balaclavas). These are yours to keep. We ask that they are worn for the duration of your visit.


Restricting customer numbers
In order to ensure we comply with social distancing restrictions we ask that a maximum of 1 spectator per driver attends at any time. All spectators must remain socially distance and within spectator areas at any time. Party Packages have an initial maximum of 10 guests, all of whom must be from a maximum of TWO household. We ask that hosts request any guests being dropped off are  done so by ‘drop and go’. Escape Room bookings will also be a maximum of TWO households in any one game. This will be re-assessed when social distancing measures are further relaxed.


Sanitising, decontamination and cleaning
On arrival we ask that all customers remove and dispose of any gloves that have been worn outside of our premises. 80% alcohol sanitisation stations are available on entrance to our venue and can be found at key locations throughout.

All equipment used by customers is sanitised after each use.
* Customers must sanitise their hands before using the Kiosk terminals.  Terminals are sanitised after every customer using anti viral agents.
* Steering wheels and laser guns are sanitised after every use.
* Race suits are heat treated above 60 degrees and are sanitised after each use with antibacterial spray and treated every day with an ozone machine.
* Helmets are Sanitised with an anti-viral agent confirmed as effective against bacteria and viruses. They are then ventilated before next use.


Social Distancing
Our venue now operates a one way system. Floor stickers and signage has been installed throughout to assist you in keeping a safe distance as well as a brand new building exit and pit lane exit. Furniture has been removed or rearranged to ensure that current social distancing guidelines can easily be followed.


Cashless Payment
We ask that every effort is made to make all purchases using card or mobile devices. Vending machines are now contactless too so refreshments can easily be purchased without the use of change.

We have made every effort to ensure your visit is as enjoyable and safe as ever and can’t wait to see you at the Track, Escape Room and Laser arena soon!